Thursday, January 31, 2008

bling water

File this under things that shouldn't shock me: $40-$90 for a bottle of water. Seriously. Bling H20 is one of the companies that will sell it to you. Their entire reason for being is to sell a product that you can get for free, but to make so expensive that it becomes a status symbol. Sure they put "crystals" on the bottle and say it's hand crafted, and the water is "pH balanced", but, at the end of the day the product is the price. I have to give Paris Hilton credit: she knew what to do with the water, she fed to her dog. (Why do I put crystals in quotes? Well, I've never understood why cut glass with a little lead in it should be called crystals, but I'll admit it counts as bling, since it's shiny.)

But let's think about this, if even Mitt Romney will go out in public and use the word Bling (however embarrassingly), isn't it a little late to be used for an expensive hollywood brandname?

BTW, if you, like me, are naive enough to think this was all a joke, here are some videos that might convince you otherwise:

Thanks, once again, to overcompensating for bringing pop culture to my attention.


  1. Jamie Fox couldn't sell me something I actually wanted, never mind WATER!!!!

  2. [...] I guess this is part three in my new series on inexplicable and/or surprising products. (Part 1: $40-90 bottled water. Part 2: Giant iPod earphones.) This time we’ve got a rolling bag with speakers built in. [...]


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