Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Does Grad School Rock Enough?

Liz: every grad student should have a backup plan.
Liz says, "Every grad student should have a backup plan."
Liz sports the discontinued organic cotton scoop-neck backup plan tee.
Other styles still available.

Liz is not the only one to give this advice. Another friend of mine recently told me that grad school is really hard and a professor once gave her the very same advice. That way, the Prof reasoned, you always know staying in grad school is a choice, and if the alternative seems better, well, get out of grad school -- it's not worth it.

Well, being a rock star is Liz's backup plan, what's yours?

1 comment:

  1. When I was growing up and wanted t be a comic book artist my dad always told me I needed a back-up plan and eventually screen-writing, acting and movie-making became the backup plan, but when that didn't pay off, I realized that I didn't have a plan so I guess it is a good thing I married someone who wanted to be a paleontologist but settled on her back-up plan of being a doctor.