Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sexy Geeks orCyber Hotties

Well, it's no secret that it's now hot to be a geek. For some reason, presumably having something to do with the interwub, being a nerd has gone from being uncool to being hip. There's even popular alternative porn sites that are so successful that they are spawning their own knock-offs. Admittedly, that has more to do with tattoos and horn-rimmed glasses than actual geek activities like coding, but it's all part of the same culture, I think. Oops, this was not supposed to be a post about porn..... (And by the way, don't follow, well, any links on this post if you are easily offended.)

But to be a popular geek, you still have to look good. You still have to have style, kiddoes. So what's a young geek to do? Who are the roll models? Who can we look up to? Who are the cyber-hotties? Fortunately, sex blogger Violet Blue has provided a list of the top ten sexy geeks of 2007.

Somehow or other, Violet passed me over for the list. Admittedly, I did not perform any antics like "[sell] surface real estate on the front of" my new computer in order pay for it, like #7 hottie Leah Culver. But, come on, I think I'm qualified: 1. I'm cute (:-P), 2. I'm a geek (C'mon, never mind the music software business: I etched my name in a cell with a laser! A laser!), and 3. I've even been spotted in San Francisco. Even Atlanta's infamous Twinkle thought I was enough for the back of her flier (look for me -- I'm there). Granted, I haven't done much (lately) that would, say, put me in the papers, and maybe nominating yourself is an automatic disqualification, but the people want to know, Violet: what's it take to get listed? What are your standards?

Thanks to Overcompensating for bringing this to my attention.


  1. you've got my vote! ;)

  2. Howard needs new glasses, so Pooja and I were google image searching for "cute geek with glasses" and your blog picture came up for this entry. You've got our vote too.