Friday, February 8, 2008

Really Big iPod Earphones

I can't figure out if this product is for real or not. The photo is obviously a fake (click to see the full-sized version), and I can't find the product on Amazon, which is one of the supposed online retailers, but some of the other online retailers do carry it and say they'll have it in stock soon, so maybe they're just not ready to ship yet, or maybe it's a very elaborate gag. most of the rest of their catalog is either the type of stuff you'd find in an airplane catalog or something else just as baffling as these giant earphones. I can't imagine they wouldn't run into IP trouble with Apple on this one, but maybe they figured they'd get by on obscurity or satire or soemthing. Real or not, I appreciate that someone made this picture.

500 xl

Worldwide Fred


  1. I may have to get those for my iPod Touch... (even if it is just for the novelty, they are very cool!)

  2. I had this idea in 2005, Fred went ahead with his production knowing this.