Sunday, December 14, 2008

Remember when "viral" was a bad thing? I do, and now it's on facebook and it's called "what do your friends say about you?"

There's a new quiz on facebook called "what do your friends say about you?". I haven't taken it (you'll see why), but as far as I can tell it shows you pictures of your friends (which it gets from your/their profiles) and asks you questions about them, like "Do you think so-and-so is bisexual". Then, when you answer the questions, it posts notifications in those people's profiles. They have to take the quiz to find out what's been said about them. This is viral -- the bad kind. [1] (I stopped taking the quiz at the first question when it asked me if I thought a friend of mine was bi Because I figured out what it was going to do with my response -- annoy my friend with it, by putting a message in his notification box! Then he would have to take the quiz -- and annoy a bunch of his friends -- to find out the completely innocuous thing I said about him.)

If more apps like this show up on facebook it could mean the end -- at least of my account!

Anyone have more info?

[1] I guess the "good" kind of viral is "that's sooooo cool. I'm gonna show 10 friends...."

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