Thursday, January 31, 2008

bling water

File this under things that shouldn't shock me: $40-$90 for a bottle of water. Seriously. Bling H20 is one of the companies that will sell it to you. Their entire reason for being is to sell a product that you can get for free, but to make so expensive that it becomes a status symbol. Sure they put "crystals" on the bottle and say it's hand crafted, and the water is "pH balanced", but, at the end of the day the product is the price. I have to give Paris Hilton credit: she knew what to do with the water, she fed to her dog. (Why do I put crystals in quotes? Well, I've never understood why cut glass with a little lead in it should be called crystals, but I'll admit it counts as bling, since it's shiny.)

But let's think about this, if even Mitt Romney will go out in public and use the word Bling (however embarrassingly), isn't it a little late to be used for an expensive hollywood brandname?

BTW, if you, like me, are naive enough to think this was all a joke, here are some videos that might convince you otherwise:

Thanks, once again, to overcompensating for bringing pop culture to my attention.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Goodbye Art for Geeks

Paul the Wine Guy recently decided to remove his extremely popular “Understanding art for geeks” set from flickr. Here's his reasoning. You can probably still find some of his art using a google search.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Does Grad School Rock Enough?

Liz: every grad student should have a backup plan.
Liz says, "Every grad student should have a backup plan."
Liz sports the discontinued organic cotton scoop-neck backup plan tee.
Other styles still available.

Liz is not the only one to give this advice. Another friend of mine recently told me that grad school is really hard and a professor once gave her the very same advice. That way, the Prof reasoned, you always know staying in grad school is a choice, and if the alternative seems better, well, get out of grad school -- it's not worth it.

Well, being a rock star is Liz's backup plan, what's yours?

Monday, January 7, 2008

XO Wave 1.0

Well XO Wave 1.0 is here! Download it now! I, meanwhile, am exhausted, and am going to bed! If you like, you can also read the full story, complete with coupons for discounts on tees!
I will have to update the newsletter tomorrow, but since I'm writing this now: If you are already an owner of XO Wave Pro, you do not need to pay again: just download the new version and you're good to go.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sexy Geeks orCyber Hotties

Well, it's no secret that it's now hot to be a geek. For some reason, presumably having something to do with the interwub, being a nerd has gone from being uncool to being hip. There's even popular alternative porn sites that are so successful that they are spawning their own knock-offs. Admittedly, that has more to do with tattoos and horn-rimmed glasses than actual geek activities like coding, but it's all part of the same culture, I think. Oops, this was not supposed to be a post about porn..... (And by the way, don't follow, well, any links on this post if you are easily offended.)

But to be a popular geek, you still have to look good. You still have to have style, kiddoes. So what's a young geek to do? Who are the roll models? Who can we look up to? Who are the cyber-hotties? Fortunately, sex blogger Violet Blue has provided a list of the top ten sexy geeks of 2007.

Somehow or other, Violet passed me over for the list. Admittedly, I did not perform any antics like "[sell] surface real estate on the front of" my new computer in order pay for it, like #7 hottie Leah Culver. But, come on, I think I'm qualified: 1. I'm cute (:-P), 2. I'm a geek (C'mon, never mind the music software business: I etched my name in a cell with a laser! A laser!), and 3. I've even been spotted in San Francisco. Even Atlanta's infamous Twinkle thought I was enough for the back of her flier (look for me -- I'm there). Granted, I haven't done much (lately) that would, say, put me in the papers, and maybe nominating yourself is an automatic disqualification, but the people want to know, Violet: what's it take to get listed? What are your standards?

Thanks to Overcompensating for bringing this to my attention.