Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My imdb entry for The Dark Knight

I think all IMDB movies should have a suggested drinking games section.


Director: Christopher Nolan
Writers (WGA): Jonathan Nolan (screenplay) and
Christopher Nolan (screenplay) ...
Release Date: You haven't seen it yet?
Genre: na na na na na na na na na na na Bat Man! [no?]
Tagline: Why So Serious?
Plot: An idealistic, filthy stinking rich and (therefore?) above the law Batman takes on the forces of terrorism completely psychotic Joker, who's plots grow ever more powerful even though he claims he never ever has any plan, he burns all his money, and all of his followers have various, extreme, apparently untreated debilitating mental disorders. As a twist on the usual comic-book movie, instead of fixing things, Batman and his enemies leave a trail of destruction, chaos, death, and, of course the requisite fake deaths of any major hollywood movie.

Cast (Cast overview, first billed only)

Christian Bale ... Bruce Wayne / Batman [OMG, he was BOTH. Now I get it!]
Heath Ledger ... The Terrorist
Aaron Eckhart ... Norther Alliance, Osama Bin Laden, etc. [Terrorists who were originally funded by the US, but then turned against us.]
Michael Caine ... Bill Clinton/America's apparent past/things we can learn from/smart sidekick/spiritual leader
Maggie Gyllenhaal ... America's Lost Innocence
Gary Oldman ... [Obama? America's Future? I don't know. I need some help on this one.]
Morgan Freeman ... The coalition of the willing
Monique Curnen ... All those US Soldiers who try to do the right thing! Support our troops, Baby!


Additional Details

Also Known As: Batman Begins 2 (USA) (working title)
Batman Begins 2 through 7 (USA) (subsequent working title)
Batman: The Dark Knight (USA) (informal title)
Batman: The Dark Knight 1 through 5 (USA) (informal title)
Rory's First Kiss (USA) (fake working title) [Seriously, this is out of imdb. I suspect it was originally conceived as a Gimore Girls movie].
MPAA: Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and some menace, and that fact that anyone under 13 will need a nap in the middle.
Runtime: Get comfortable. Very, very comfortable.

Goofs: Continuity: In one of the first scenes with Det. Ramirez, you see her holding a cup of coffee. In between takes she switches between holding the cup with two hands, then only one hand and finally with two hands again. The cuts in the scene are immediate and linear, so she could not have changed how she holds the cup in between cuts. [That was mind-bogglingly exciting. Thanks imdb!!]

Trivia (and place where I get to say "Spoiler alert"): black sidekick doesn't die (OMG!), but he resigns indignantly to prove that he's doing the right thing, so he won't be in the sequel, or if he is he'll either come back into the fold or regret leaving or both. (Have Morgan Freeman join the bad people? I doubt it. I think that would break his contract.)

Suggested Drinking Games:

Drink whenever Batman disappears.
Drink whenever you are taken aback by someone referring to Batman as the Batman.
Drink whenever you think the movie is over. (not recommended for lightweights)
Drink whenever Batman speaks in a low voice.
Drink at every bad one-liner. (Actually, this is not so bad as most action movies)
Drink every hour, on the hour.
Drink every time Morgan Freeman or Michael Caine is smarter than Batman.
Drink every time you can see into the future. (Villain left protected by one cop, etc.)
Drink every time Bruce Wayne is a dick.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Webcomic About Session Musicians

It's cold. It's harsh. It's probably a little close to home for most musicians. It's called F Chords and it's a new web comic about a couple of session musicians trying to make a living.

If you like music in webcomics, today's wigu also has Jesus playing guitar.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Yikes! Unasked for Compression Now on YouTube!

My video camera has a terrible mike and I've found that applying a lot of compression can help, but only after applying other effects, such as high pass filters to get rid of the rumble. Why not just apply compression straight up? because every consumer video camera on the market has a built-in automatic gain control which is similar but better because it works at the source to prevent distortion. Of course, most of my videos are stupid, and a lot of some videos on youtube are really cool. Especially some of the music related ones. The last thing you want with a music related video is someone mucking with the sound, right? Well, that's what youtube has started to do according to niceone on slashdot, but he also offers a nice suggestion for getting rid of the problem by tricking the the youtube compressors. Haven't tried it yet, but thanks for the warning niceone!

There are some example clips and so on on his post and I could hear the difference even on my built-in MacBook speakers, which are the worst.

Thanks to the author of extra pepperoni for bringing this to my attention.