Saturday, November 26, 2011

Creative Hacker stuff in NYC

I just had an email discussion with someone about creative hacker things to do in the NYC area. I'm sure this isn't a comprehensive list, but I thought I'd share it.

First off, Music Hack Day always produces interesting apps, usually based on APIs like Twillio and Echonest. Music hack day is held on different days in different cities around the world, with NYC in mid-February. I'm always impressed with how much can be done in just 24 hours.

Harvest Works, founded in 1977, bills itself as a digital media arts center. They have classes, several studios, and sponsored projects. Their goal is to help artists use technology.

There are a number of music-technology-related meetups, most of which are not focused on hacking or coding per-se, but worth mentioning:

The Creator's Project, sponsored by Intel and Vice has talks and installations:

3rd Ward is a little less geeky, but they host classes, office space and so on. Great if you want to learn how to weld, or build a giant wooden sculpture. I am told they have also had DIY synthesizer classes, though, so don't assume just because they do welding they don't do audio circuits.

Flux Factory has studios, classes and so on in Astoria/LIC.

NYC Resistor is a hacker space that has classes on everything from basic programming to circuit design.

FUBAR Labs in NJ is a similar space.

Eyebeam is a space that is more dedicated to giving grants and fellowships to artists, although they also appear to have a youth program. If you are looking for a grant or fellowship, look here!

Of course, if you are interested in pro audio, you should check out the NY sectional of AES.

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